Club Overview

The Harvard Business School (HBS) Club of Toronto is a nonprofit organization whose vision is to create a life-long HBS experience for Toronto-based alumni. We aim to deliver on our mission through three focus areas: Relationships, Education, and Community.

RELATIONSHIPS: The Club attempts to build and strengthen relationships among HBS Alumni living in the Greater Toronto Area. We accomplish this goal by organizing various events that provide opportunities for networking and strengthening bonds, including holiday parties and global networking nights.

: We provide Toronto-based HBS Alumni opportunities to educate themselves in the latest relevant business topics. Examples of these opportunities include HBS professor talks, or panel discussions on a specific topic by esteemed business and thought leaders.

Positive community involvement is of the utmost of importance to the Club. Our programs range from arranging volunteer opportunities to Toronto-based alumni to granting funding to Toronto social sector leaders to attend executive education courses at HBS.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or if you would like to become involved with the Club.

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We also recognize that "new" sometimes means "confusing". If you are having trouble navigating the site (especially with regard to signing upfor one of our events), please click here for a detailed FAQ on signing up for events.